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Welcome to the Aiki Budo Fraternity a non-political & non money making association of like minded Japanese Martial Arts clubs situated in England, Scotland, Belgium and Africa with associated clubs in Dubai and Sri Lanka. The ABF was founded in 1989 in Scotland by Chris Moslin, Andy Henderson, David Walker and Aileen Jeffreys to cement a long standing friendship between these instructors. Although the founding members were all Aikido the fraternity is open to any club practicing and teaching Aikido, Aikijujutsu, Jujutsu, Judo, Kendo, Iaido and Karate and related Japanese arts. All members within the UK are members of NAKMAS. At the moment, members of ABF in England are also members of Seibukan (England). All decisions are taken only after consultation with the senior instructor in every club and then on a majority vote. No one person can make decisions on his/her own.

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Aileen Jefrey

It is very sad news to have to let everyone know that Aileen lost her battle with cancer and passed away peacefully, at Beatson Cancer Centre, Glasgow, on 30th January 2012. Aileen, beloved wife of Ed, much loved daughter of the late Gordon and Janette and loving sister of David and Kenneth. She was an inspirational person who enthused her students and friends alike. She will be sadly missed.

The Instructors and Students of the Aiki Budo Fraternity extend their sincere condolences to her family. Her funeral service was held at Cardross Crematorium on Tuesday, 7th February at 10:15am. 

A devastated widower, Ed Calderwood, lovingly remembers his wife Aileen, who tragically passed away just 11 days after their marriage. Aileen proposed to Ed two weeks before her untimely death, taking advantage of the leap year. The couple had been in a relationship for over a decade and had often discussed getting married. However, when Aileen received the news that she had only a few days to live, they decided to tie the knot before time ran out.

Initially, Ed had planned to bring Aileen home and receive training on how to care for her. However, the doctors determined that Aileen was too ill to leave the hospital, disappointing their plans. That evening, she surprised Ed with a phone call, proposing to him and mentioning her desire to have Phil Collins' "Groovy Kind of Love" played at their wedding.

On January 19, the couple exchanged vows in a conference room at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family. Due to her deteriorating health, Aileen had to use a wheelchair during the ceremony. Ed found it heart-wrenching to witness her pain but chose to conceal his own distress for her sake.

Sadly, less than two weeks later, Aileen passed away. Ed, from Dumbarton, is still struggling to cope with the loss of his "best friend," but he believes she is watching over him. In memory of Aileen, he refrains from smoking inside the house, as she had prohibited it while they were together.

Ed and Aileen shared a love for motorcycles and had initially met at a bikers' rally approximately 12 years ago. They enjoyed attending racing events together and spent numerous joyous holidays at Aileen's family caravan in Portmahomack, located in the Highlands.

It is evident that Aileen was greatly cherished by her local community. Her funeral at Cardross Crematorium was attended by hundreds of friends and family, with the crematorium witnessing an unprecedented crowd. Aileen was also a founding member of the Alexandria Aikido club, having taken up the martial art at the age of 19. She excelled in Aikido, becoming only the second woman in all of Europe to achieve the prestigious 5th Dan grade.

Christina Massey, the club's vice secretary, describes Aileen as a remarkable person who had the ability to make others feel like the most important person in the world. Even when faced with her own mortality, Aileen's first thoughts were about organizing matters and ensuring the continuity of the Aikido club. She continued to support the group until the very end. Shortly after her passing, a suit that Aileen had ordered for one of the club's members arrived at the club, demonstrating her commitment.

Christina promised Aileen that she would keep the club alive and plans to run it in her memory. Ed intends to scatter Aileen's ashes at the Portmahomack caravan park during Easter, accompanied by a close circle of friends and family. He believes it is what Aileen would have wanted, as her mother's ashes were previously scattered there.