About the Aiki Budo Fraternity

Inaugurated in June 1998 in Irvine, Scotland, the fraternity was originally an amalgamation of three separate dojo's (one in England and two in Scotland) into one club, three dojo's.

It came into being to cement over twenty years of continuous friendship, joint practice and joint teaching of Aikido and related arts, between the three senior instructors; Chris Moslin , 6th Dan, David Walker 4th Dan, Andrew Henderson 4th Dan each of whom has 38 years or more of unbroken martial arts experience plus Aileen Jeffrey 3rd Dan with over 14 years of experience.

This key friendship between Chris, David, and Andrew began when they met at a course by the great Aikido master and Ki exponent Hans von Rolbeck, 9th Dan Aikido and Ki-Jutsu. He was teaching various aspects of Ki and Ki-Jutsu, at the Dojo in the Barr Head Sports Centre, Glasgow. This initial meeting led eventually to the clubs getting together to form the Aiki Budo Fraternity which has since grown steadily, as more club instructors become disenchanted with the internal politics of their associations One of the main tenets of the fraternity is that it opens it's doors to everyone, without exception.

Politics are banned and anyone attempting to politicise club meetings given short shrift. The clubs are friendly and open minded about styles taught, although they must be seen to work!! Although originally founded for Aiki style Martial Art clubs the Fraternity is now open to all styles. However all instructors wishing to join the Fraternity must have a proven Martial Arts background and recognised qualifications and grading history in their style. The nominated Chief Instructor of each club is automatically a member of the Fraternity Committee which decides on policy within the Fraternity.

The Aiki Budo Fraternity does not interfere with the running of associated clubs. We welcome instructors from other associations to come along and train with us and, if they so wish, to pass on some of there own knowledge to our students. All clubs which are full members of the Fraternity are also member of NAKMAS , an umbrella organisation for smaller Martial Arts Clubs, supplying insurance, courses, backup and a unified grading scheme.

Associated in friendship and Honorary Members are: Adam Richardson 4th Dan, British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society and Robert Lilley 2nd Dan, Black Panther Jujutsu Clubs. Both now hold membership of the Aiki Budo Fraternity. Adam-san runs his own Society but is closely affiliated to the highest order in Japan and he has conferred upon Chris Moslin Honorary Membership of the British Fuma Ryu society.

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