Sensei Christopher Moslin, 7th Dan

Sensei Writes

It is very important for all of our associated clubs to know about our structure as their seems to be some confusion. I am the Life President of the Aiki Budo Fraternity, Steve Mitchell is the Chairman for England, Aileen Jeffreys is the Chairperson for Scotland and Jacques Mainil is the Chairperson for Belgium. The senior instructor of each club within the ABF is a board member and absolutely no decisions can be made on behalf of the ABF without the consent of two thirds of the board. The Aiki Budo Fraternity has no Soke, Kancho or any other kind of entrenched Head of organisation, that is to say that upon my final retirement, I can not pass on the reigns of the ABF to my sons, daughters or family and a new President or Life President has to be elected by the majority of the whole of the membership. All clubs within the Aiki Budo Fraternity hold Public Liability Insurance and all Instructors within the UK are CRB checked.

The Aiki Budo Fraternity does not issue titles such as Hanshi, Kyoshi, Renshi etc and we have absolutely NO Grand Master. The title of sensei is in keeping with the traditions not only of our Japanese Martial arts but also with every day Japanese life. All senior grades are awarded either on ability or, in some cases, longevity and support, very senior grades are awarded after consultation with the board that, in turn, are expected to consult with there own members.

On that note, I have decided that my current grade is 7th Dan sensei even though a great many of you have expressed the fact that I should have retained the grade of 8th Dan including three very good friends and Instructors from outside of the ABF and two very high grades that are associated. One last thing, Dan gradings are in line with strict criteria, for instance, a 7th Dan can only achieve this seven years after being awarded 6th Dan.

 - Hanshi Christoper Moslin, 7th Dan Aikido & Jujutsu

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